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SpinMax Aqueous 250Ml

SpinMax Aqueous 250Ml

Product Description

SpinMax Aqueous 250Ml

SpinMax Aqueous 250ml – New Water Based version

SPINMAX Aqueous, has been developed without any organic solvents, it still develops maximum spin, it still cleans the rubber and enhances the tacky surface without contravening any of the ITTF VOC Free rules.

By using SPINMAX Aqueous, you will be retaining and enhancing the original surface of your rubber. As SPINMAX Aqueous is water based, it should be applied 30mins before you begin to play.

  • Power Performance Cleaner
  • Aqueous Formula, Maximum Spin
  • Excellent Control


    1. This version of Spinmax is water based, and therefore free of all organic solvents (VOC’s).
    2. You will require the purchase of an Applicator kit, to apply this product, unless you already have one.
    3. This is a water based formula, regular Australia post service is now available. It can be shipped via Air Mail all over the world.