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Xiom ZX-1 Feel Blade — Special Pricing

Xiom ZX-1 Feel blade

Product Description


The perfect balance between the combination of hard and soft materials, make outstanding drive at front and middle position.

The blade which has remarkable vibration from best combination of each VENEER’s material and thickness, also can sense the WOOD FEEL ZEPHYLIUM mostly. The inner layer Z-CARBON maximize the power from arm to wrist.

Hinoki wood is generally used for high price blades. Among them, KISO HINOKI has more than 250 year of age with ultimate quality and blade’s key wood-material. KISO HINOKI has well balanced inner tissu also heavy and strong but its own unique softness. These characteristics help players to sense the delicate elasticity of ball, light sound and concentate on the game. Further, regular resistance and elasticity in any smashing position increase the stability to successful attack and defense.