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Xiom 36.5 Blade

Xiom 36.5 blade

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Xiom 36.5 ALX Blade

Xiom 36.5 ALX Blade




Ply: 5 ply wood + 2 ply Axylium Outer ply: koto wood Weight: 85g ± Thickness: 5.7mm ± Head dimension: 157 x 150mm ± Made in Korea Catapult: high to Extreme Ball grab: short to mid Speed: OFF+ Vibration: med to sharp Control: easy

Xiom 36.5 ALX Blade

Excellent performance with Cold Press manufacturing technology
36.5 is an outer Axylium blade with Koto outer ply for powerful play close to the table. The new “COLD PRESS” technology provides a softer topsheet and offers a better feeling for the ball while maintaining the crispy contact. This makes the blade easier to play without losing speed.

36.5 Cold Press
Unlike traditional blade manufacturing methods that dry at high temperatures, 36.5 blade features the industry first low temperature drying technology. Unleash the natural performance of the wooden board to the best.

Micro Axylium
Overshot weaving the finest carbon and Axylium in an original way by micro unit controlling the core structure of carbon.

Angle Free
The grip, made of the 3D scanner and motion sensor, allows for precise and natural movement without training the wrist.