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Xiom I-Bond Glue

Xiom I-Bond Glue

Product Description

Xiom I-Bond Glue 25ml


Xiom I-Bond water based table tennis rubber glue 25ml

Easy to use and trouble free water-based table tennis glue!
Comes in a 25ml bottle, with inbuilt applicator
The ban of speed glue by ITTF prohibits any Volatile Organic Compound like solvents in the racket. The spirit of the ban also discourages the use of any toxic or skin irritating substance in the sport. I-BOND is clean and safe. White sponge at the bottle tip helps apply glue to the surface. Water glues are stronger in nature than speed glues and might damage the surface of your blade when you remove the rubber from the blade. Light Blade sealing helps aleviate this problem.
This product dries in about the same time as the old VOC based glues, and sticks much better, no more edges lifting